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Was This Scene Rightfully Deleted From ‘Into Darkness’?

Possible Spoilers

This movie scene was cut from the most recent Star Trek reboot, Into Darkness.

The scene is from our early-in-the-movie encounter with the Enterprise. It does raise the viewer’s eyebrows as it gives a better indication of how Captain Kirk commands and how the crew regards him.

On one hand, this scene would have better indicated not only Jim Kirk’s lackadaisical approach to commanding the Enterprise, but his utter disregard for protocol, honesty, and authority.

Kirk and Spock


On the other hand, we already gleaned a pretty good understanding of that without this scene.

This new Kirk is a great twenty first century interpretation. As I’m very slowly making my way through the original Star Trek episodes, I don’t feel confident drawing comparisons with TV’s Captain Kirk, but Chris Pine is a working version to show that not all choices are so obviously right and wrong. There’s following orders, or there’s doing what one morally believes is right. It’s not always the same thing.

Good and bad seems to be determined solely in the eye of the beholder.



(Like we could do an Into Darkness post without working in Benedict Cumberbatch? Yeah, right)

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