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Have You Seen These Sneak Pics from the “Mockingjay” Set?

Right now, the cast of Mockingjay: Part 2 of the Hunger Games franchise is hard at work in Paris — and thanks to some dedicated fans, you can check out some amazing set pics!

There’s Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth blending in with Capitol citizens on their way to President Snow’s Mansion…


Mockingjay Liam and JenMockingjay 1


Here’s a video of the filming…

Check out these “Capitol” extras and the propaganda!

Mockingjay Extras Mockingjay

Missing Josh Hutcherson? Here’s a video of Hutcherson, Lawrence, Hemsworth and Natalie Dormer in costume…

Soo…anyone else beyond ready forĀ Mockingjay: Part One?


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