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John and Sherlock

Sherlock Series 4 Seems to Grow Further and Further Away

In that casually elegant way of his, Martin Freeman sums up Sherlock Series 4: “Piss or get off the pot.”

The actor recently revealed to Digital Spy that plans to film the fourth season of our favorite BBC crime drama have been, once again, delayed. This announcement comes on the heels of Cumberbatch’s statement in an interview with the Radio Times that he was “genuinely unsure” whether or not any future series’ would be made. And you though Moffat and Gatiss were the trolls to worry about.

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Does this mean we may never understand Moriarty’s startling reappearance at the end of series ? Hopefully not. Gatiss and Moffat have appeared certain of a fourth and even fifth season in other interviews. It’s not the lack of plotline or even an uncertainty in regards to garnering airtime from the BBC, rather it’s Freeman and Cumberbatch’s busy schedules at play. Freeman told DS,

“It’s very hard to get together, but it’s one of those things where you have to at some point just go, ‘We’re going to do it now’ – otherwise we could be having this conversation in three years…There comes a point where you’ve got to piss or get off the pot.”

Luckily for us, both Cumberbatch and Freeman have been extremely outspoken about how much they enjoy doing the series, so this writer feels that it’s safe to assume we’re still on for series 4. We might just have to wait far, far longer than we’d like, as both actors are signed on for separate London plays for the next two years.  You can always pick up swimming or yoga in the meantime, apparently it helps Cumberbatch…or you could just check out the 12 Facts You May Not Have Known About Sherlock, Series 3. And don’t forget, you can catch Martin Freeman in the FX original series “Fargo.”

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Yeah, Sherlock. We know. (via)

How long would you wait for series 4 of Sherlock? 5 years? 10? Forever?

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