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Imperial Walker

Star Wars Proves Everything Is Better With Lasers at Sochi Olympics

Love it or hate it, you have to agree that this Star Wars/Olympic skiing mashup is much better off with all the lasers!

Imperial Walker

Sometimes, the creativity of fans on the internet wins gold, and I dare say this is one for the books. Youtube ‘pro’ Natholdetpaatv2 has created a hilarious mashup showing Imperial walkers from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back going up against some unfortunate Olympic hopefuls on the downhill slopes.

Of course, Tumblr jumped all over it, and now you can find gifs like the one below on just about everyone’s news feed.

Star Wars Olympics
While we are happy for the sake of the competitors that this did not actually happen, I am sure those whose crashes provided the footage don’t feel much better than if it did. At least they can feel good about contributing to such wonderful hilarity. See the whole video, complete with cringing audio track below:


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