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Disney’s Maleficent: “I had wings once…”

Is Disney’s Maleficent here yet?

We can expect a full length trailer for the upcoming Disney film, Maleficent, tomorrow. Meanwhile, get a sneak peak at this new promo in which Angelina  Jolie’s character confesses to having wings once, like the other fairies.  The highly-anticipated Maleficent is set to tell the backstory of the villain to the 1959 classic Sleeping Beauty. As Entertainment Weekly stated, fans of the original film know that the character Maleficent is more than a dark sorceress, she’s actually a dark fairy. It appears that in expanding her mythology, Disney will reveal why, as a fairy, this classic villain never possessed wings like the others (i.e. Flora, Fauna and Merryweather).

It was pretty easy to guess, based on previous trailers, that Maleficent’s origin story will set the stage for the vengeful curse placed on Aurora — and it appears that the loss of her wings was possibly one of many inciting incidents behind the Dark Fairy’s cruel prediction.

Catch the movie on May 30, 2014!


Wait Until You See This Enchanting Preview. You’ll Think She Shines Too!

Everyone’s been pretty hyped about the new Maleficent movie, and with good reason. Maleficent features a new take on the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty (released by Disney in 1959). The new trailer, featuring Lana del Ray’s haunting cover of “Once Upon a Dream,” first aired last night during the Grammy’s. The commercial is interspersed with shots of a curious Elle Fanning as Princess Aurora, a devious and determined Angelina Jolie as Maleficent, and exciting battle scenes. The teaser certainly does its job of enticing audiences. By all accounts,…

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