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Sherlock and Watson

Will Sherlock be on the Big Screen?

Really? Is Moffat joshing us? In Entertainment Weekly, someone actually asked Moffat if he wanted to make “Sherlock” into an actual big screen movie. The argument was it made since, because Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch are, after all, big screen actors. Moffat teased “we don’t want to rule anything out.” From Inside the Box pointed out the obvious: each episode is 90 minutes, they’re full length movies as it is. Playing devil’s advocate, they did offer up suggestions that getting the OK for a…

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Sherlock Series 3 Returns

Sherlock Series 3 Returns Tonight and Fans Can Already Expect More To Come Even before the new episodes of Sherlock have aired on PBS (tonight at 10PM), fans can breathe easy: there’s already news that Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have Series 4 and 5 mapped out. Larkable doesn’t wants to give away anything (so know spoilers are in the link), but on Friday, CultBox posted an article which quoted Steven Moffat in regards to the future of Sherlock: “You don’t know what going on there.…

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