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Doctor Who Season 8

Doctor Who is Back August 23rd!

Our favorite Doctor is back for Doctor Who Series 8 with his new look and–from the looks of it–a new Tardis on Saturday August 23rd!

Who’s excited?! The first episode of the new Doctor Who Season 8 is titled ‘Deep Breath.’

What do you think of this new trailer? It’s looking like we can expect the pilot to involve some damage to the Tardis, a dark welcome to this new reincarnation, and a panicked Clara. BBC One announced on their Facebook page that Doctor Who is premiering August 23rd, and E!Online announced it will premier in the States on August 23rd at 8pm on BBC America.

Check out the image BBC released on their Facebook page:

Doctor Who Season 8

Rejoice, fellow Whovians, the time of the premier countdown is here!

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