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Arthur Darvill Has A Lot of Feelings

Despite nailing roles in the BBC Broadchurch and a west end production of “Once,” Arthur Darvill is still mainly known for his role as The Last Centurion, Rory Williams.

We all know of plenty of brilliant actors who were typecast based on their first big role, so it’s not as if Arthur Darvill is the first (nor will he be the last). But how he’s chosen to express his frustration? Absolutely brilliant. Check it out!


(featured image credit: production photos of Once by Joan Marcus)

Check Out This Incredible Animated Tribute to Doctor Who!

Presumably in honor of Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary, talented fan Richard Swarbrick created an absolutely beautiful animated tribute.

We present, “50 Years in Time and Space”.

All the feels.

Check out more of Swarbrick’s phenomenal work, including “The Cats of Youtube,” and “Football Brought to Life” here!

Jane Austen

Next Season on Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi Meets Jane Austen

In a recent Q&A in Brazil, Eternal Troll Mark Gatiss teased fans that writers may feature another famous British novelist on Doctor Who. Since the revival of Doctor Who in 2005, writers have introduced our favorite time traveling alien to Agatha Christie, Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and two English Queens. Sorry, better make that three english queens: It’s been a fun and creative ploy, typically these episodes go over rather well with audiences.  Who didn’t love watching Queen Victoria facing down an errant werewolf?…

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“Not Literally” Takes Fangirling To A Whole New Level

(We don’t care, we love it). Launched by Harry Potter fangirl Ginny in 2011 Not Literally has carved out its own particular niche on youtube.  Now run by a meager but brilliant staff, Not Literally Productions is constantly branching into new fandoms and bringing viewers hilarious and catchy parodies of their favorite books, shows and movies. Over the last three years, staffers Ginny, Dana and Erik have covered everything from Harry Potter to Catching Fire, Doctor Who and Game of Thrones. They’ve always been clever, punny and…

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Arthur Darvill Frankenstein

Bringing Pretty Back

Big Finish has released the cover of the new Audiobook recording of Frankenstein and Whovians everywhere are grinning at the Pretty one, Arthur Darvill. *In case it needed saying* While we still have to wait until September for the actual release date of this Mary Shelley classic, Big Finish Audiobooks will be releasing two different version of Frankenstein: the first is a Special Edition that will be going for CAN (Sorry, it didn’t take me to any US website) $43.18 on CD or CAN $20…

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Adagio Teas

The 5 Best Fandom Drinks You Don’t Want To Miss

When you sit down to watch your favorite show, get in the mood with these 5 best fandom drinks. 5. Downton Abbey Bordeux In Edwardian England, Bordeaux was the wine of choice amongst the British nobility. Available in both Blanc (white wine) and Claret (red wine), these French wines are from Dulong Grand Vins in Bordeaux, France. Dulong Grand Vins has been in the winemaking industry for over 130 years, so Edwardian-era wine is definitely their thing. This vineyard wanted to honor Downton Abbey, so…

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Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi for Only 1 Season? What?!

Can it be? Is this true? Rumor has it Peter Capaldi is going to be a one season pony?! Now, this might all be hearsay. We shouldn’t jump the gun. But Zap2It released that this might just be the case. “Capaldi is rumored to be a one-season doctor, in order to steer the show in a new direction.” That’s right, I’m shaking my fist and yelling twice! What the hell, man? You can’t just jerk around our emotions like this! Just last week I had…

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Peter Capaldi

Feels Alert: This Interaction Between Peter Capaldi and One Small Fan Is Going to Hit You

When Matt Smith’s departure from “Doctor Who,” several fans were disappointed. Maybe none were as concerned as one specific little girl, watch Peter Capaldi reassure this tiny fan: For those of you who couldn’t quite understand that, don’t worry: the internet has already created a gifset for you. Was that girl in a dalek costume? Why, yes. Yes, she was, (as if this exchange wasn’t cute enough already).Curious about the backstory? Buzzfeed published a statement from a family member of the girl: “Hiya, the little…

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Doctor Who

A “Doctor Who” News Roundup: Whoniverse Con Canceled, Matt Smith Loves Kids, Peter Capaldi Surprises Fans and More!

Just a week after Karen Gillan was forced to withdraw from the Australian Whoniverse Con, Matt Smith sent his regards that he wouldn’t be able to attend either. Hub Productions posted on their website this morning that, in order to be able to give fans the best possible experience they found it best to cancel the event given that no other modern Doctors were available to appear either. This is fairly out of character for Smith, who regularly appears at fan events and conventions. The…

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Attention Whovians: Lego Now Accepting ‘Doctor Who’ Designs

Due to a past license conflict being removed, the popular franchise Lego now has rights to the other popular franchise, Doctor Who. Yeah, cool, right? Lego posted the license conflicts and resolutions that lifted their ban on all things Doctor Who. To clarify exactly what that means, The Brickman gives the example that we can possibly expect Doctor Who Lego sets. Isn’t your blood pumping right now?! Can we expect a TARDIS control room? We’d be all over that! Now, there are already Lego-like sets…

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