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The 12th doctor

The Doctor is Back To A Dark Beginning

Filming for the newest series of Doctor Who has begun in Cardiff, and without disappointment, it should be as spine chilling as ever. Not that fans are going to be upset by this or anything. The most iconic–if not best loved–episodes of Doctor Who are the ones that make us jump: The Empty Child, Blink, and The Impossible Astronaut. Daily Mail just released new photos (a few on this post) of the recent filming in Wales and it’s looking like a promising start to a…

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Peter Capaldi

If This Acting Doesn’t Cause Feels, I Don’t Know What Will

Everyone is pretty excited for more of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor after yesterday’s unveiling. Lucky for you all, this tumblr user has created a gifset of a short on-set hug between Capaldi and Clara! Something tells us, this scene is going to be a bit emotional for audiences. Check it out here! (You can check out the full video here!)

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Tom Baker Doctor Who

Whovians, Assemble! To Play Cards Against Gallifrey

Conventional Improv Releases Their version of Cards Against Humanity to the Fandom: Cards Against Gallifrey Good news everyone! Fans of the popular in-your-face card game Cards Against Humanity can play their own fandom version with Doctor Who themed cards: Cards Against Gallifrey If you don’t know what Cards Against Humanity is, in a nutshell, it’s an open sourced Apples to Apples; they’re a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. So basically, it’s all the cards you wished Apples to Apples published, like the things you bite your tongue not…

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All Things Fandom

  Welcome to Larkable!  This is a community for the fandom: a little corner cut out of the internet for a collection of photos, articles, videos, and much more. There are a ton of great fans out there with lots of great things to say, and we want to make it easy to find information for all things geekdom.  So Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, repin our posts on Pintrest, and show your love for your favorite characters, actors, and fellow fans!

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