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Emma Stone Owns Jimmy Fallon

Could it be? Is it true? Heck yes! Emma Stone is one lean, mean, lip syncing machine!

In case you needed any other reason to love the funny, beautiful and very talented Emma Stone, she showed Jimmy Fallon up on his lip sync battle quite unlike anyone else. You may ask, “Even better than Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s lip sync battle?” to which I respond…possibly. This girl doesn’t hold back.

And so please enjoy the show!


Who’s Already Signed On For ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 3’?

That would be Marc Webb, the director of the first and second live action Amazing Spider-Man reboots. Variety released that we can expect the third ASM in June 2016. Rumor has it we can even expect Venom. That takes me back to after-school cartoons! Also soon to join the villainous ranks will be the Sinister Six. With this expanded universe Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal aims to “have Spider-Man movies every year.” At Larkable we’re raising our eyebrows wondering how Sony plans to achieve this. We…

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