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Peter Capaldi

Feels Alert: This Interaction Between Peter Capaldi and One Small Fan Is Going to Hit You

When Matt Smith’s departure from “Doctor Who,” several fans were disappointed. Maybe none were as concerned as one specific little girl, watch Peter Capaldi reassure this tiny fan: For those of you who couldn’t quite understand that, don’t worry: the internet has already created a gifset for you. Was that girl in a dalek costume? Why, yes. Yes, she was, (as if this exchange wasn’t cute enough already).Curious about the backstory? Buzzfeed published a statement from a family member of the girl: “Hiya, the little…

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Doctor Who You're Aweseom

Dedicated To The Fans

Larkable is Over 500 Likes and Followers! Fans are the best! Like this other article quoting the Vlogbrothers, fans are passionate, thoughtful, and whimsical. As a fandom, our suspension of disbelief is astronomical to the point where we’ll accept anything a story tells us. It’s not stupid to be fascinated by the fantastic, it’s enlightening! As the great Lewis Carroll once said, “I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast,” and that really worked out for him. And so we at Larkable say…

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