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HIccup and Toothless

‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’ Cannot Come Soon Enough

The sequel to the Dreamworks fantasy flick How To Train Your Dragon hits theaters June 13, 2014 Yeah, it’s not really news, but since it’s been months since the last How to Train Your Dragon 2 update, I thought I’d throw this out there for a new round of viewing. At least the distant release date of this animated movie makes Game of Thrones look that much closer. And now here is a gallery of movie posters!

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Mathew Baynton

Get Ready For The Next Big British TV Hit…

Yonderland has the makings of being the next biggest show out of the UK. What could be the love child between Monty Python and Labyrinth, Yonderland looks promising for everyone: The video clip goes first because you need to see this to believe it. Bleeding Cool describes it as Monty Python does Labyrinth. We’re also definitely pickup up some Shrek influence with the fairyland feel and a touch of Family Guy spontaneity, only completely appropriate for the entire family. They clearly don’t take themselves too…

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