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‘Divergent’ Book Playlist vs. ‘Divergent’ Movie Soundtrack feat. Ellie Goulding

Regardless of how excited you are for the most recent YA screen adaptation, this single from Ellie Goulding is going to have you hooked: Ellie Goulding has her fair share of great songs and ‘Beating Heart’ hasn’t let us down. The title track from Divergent is a great taste of what the movie soundtrack is going to offer. In fact, Entertainment Weekly got a line up of the tracks: Divergent: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack “Find You” — Zedd featuring Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant “Beating…

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Hollywood Sweetheart Shines in this Trailer, But Will The Newest Hollywood Saga Stand a Chance Against The Hunger Games?

The latest of the dystopian adventure novels to be turned into a movie, Divergent hits theaters this spring — check out the final trailer! Fans of this bestselling novel by Veronica Roth, have been anxious for months to see if Divergent conforms to the new trend of honest movie adaptations. The original plot is a well-woven story of self-discovery and first love in the midst of betrayal and societal warfare. Is it the most relatable plot line? Not necessarily, but then again, neither is The Hunger Games. The…

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