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Arthur Darvill Frankenstein

Bringing Pretty Back

Big Finish has released the cover of the new Audiobook recording of Frankenstein and Whovians everywhere are grinning at the Pretty one, Arthur Darvill. *In case it needed saying* While we still have to wait until September for the actual release date of this Mary Shelley classic, Big Finish Audiobooks will be releasing two different version of Frankenstein: the first is a Special Edition that will be going for CAN (Sorry, it didn’t take me to any US website) $43.18 on CD or CAN $20…

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Meghan Ory

Little Red Makes A Big Comeback

“Once Upon a Time” is welcoming back fan-favorite Meghan Ory to reprise her role as Little Red Riding Hood/Ruby Lucas for the second-half of season 3. Fans were disappointed last May when it was revealed that, due to the Neverland arc, Meghan Ory would be moving on to a new CBS show, “Intelligence”, rather than ┬áreturning in Season 3. The departure seemed to be an amicable split as both Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis as well as Ory expressed sincere regret at the decision. Luckily…

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