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Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan’s Coming to ABC This Fall, Get Your DVRs Ready

It’s no secret that we love Karen Gillan, so we’re pretty psyched to confirm that her newest role has been picked up by ABC! Earlier this spring, we brought you word about a charming new show featuring Whovian alum, Karen Gillan. Styled after George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmallion (and My Fair Lady, the musical counterpart), this Emily Kapnek created comedy stars Gillan as a social media junkie, Eliza Dooley, who thrives for the likes, follows and retweets she can accrue. But when a humiliating break-up goes viral, Eliza Dooley…

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good looking couple

You’re Gonna Hate How Good These Two Look Together

Gotta give credit where credit is due: These two make one good looking couple. Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve pose for GQ. British Beauty Alice Eve and Gorgeous Englishman Benedict Cumberbatch starred together in Star Trek: Into Darkness and here are a few images of them posing together in GQ. Can’t get enough Cumberbatch? See this recent interview with Benedict Cumberbatch for Tmagazine.com from March 7th and satisfy that Benedict hunger. (For More Images, see Londonphile on Tumblr)

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Was This Scene Rightfully Deleted From ‘Into Darkness’?

Possible Spoilers This movie scene was cut from the most recent Star Trek reboot, Into Darkness. The scene is from our early-in-the-movie encounter with the Enterprise. It does raise the viewer’s eyebrows as it gives a better indication of how Captain Kirk commands and how the crew regards him. On one hand, this scene would have better indicated not only Jim Kirk’s lackadaisical approach to commanding the Enterprise, but his utter disregard for protocol, honesty, and authority. (Source) On the other hand, we already gleaned…

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