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New Girl

Fox Renews “New Girl”, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and more!

A month after announcing renewal for a tenth season of Bones, FOX has confirmed a fourth season for New Girl. The announcement comes as no surprise, given the show’s popularity. When even Prince wants to guest star on an episode, that seems like a pretty good indicator of success. New Girl captures perfectly that awkward in-between state of post-graduation but pre-steady/solid career. New Girl manages to navigate the banal sitcom stereotypes to create a quality show with relatable character development, all in a weekly 30 minute time…

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Prince New Girl

Catch PRINCE on “New Girl” Tonight!

That’s right, not Tuesday night — Sunday night (tonight), right after the Superbowl! Prince, of Purple Rain fame, is guest starring on tonight’s episode of “New Girl” and Larkable is pretty excited to see what’s in store for fans. Fox even released a special trailer for the event. Jess and Cece get an invite to the Superstar’s house party and naturally, the guys try to crash it. Bets are Winston tries to pull a prank which goes horribly wrong, Schmidt tries to schmooz with the a-list…

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Nick Miller

15 Reasons Why Nick Miller Makes the Best Boyfriend

To be fair, this could easily turn into a multi-post topic, because New Girl ‘s Nick Miller (Jake Johnson) is more complex than these fifteen reasons and we’d hate to box him in. But we’ll begin here: 1) Nick Miller is romantic… 2) And spontaneous. 3) He knows how to cook. 4) As an aspiring writer, he’s great with metaphors. 5) He’s a deep thinker. 6) He’s hygienic. 7) He cares about his friends. 8) Nick Miller is not threatened by the color pink. 9) He’s athletic.…

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