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no matter where you're from, your dreams are valid

What the 86th Academy Awards Tell Us About 2014

Facebook is still reeling with posts about the 86th Academy Awards on Sunday night, but ultimately, we can say this about the 2014 Oscars… It felt like more than ever this years Oscars was a representation of where our society is heading as a whole. There were high moments, there were low moments, but all in all, they were Oscar moments, and as 2014 is still in it’s youth, it looks like this year’s Academy Awards is a good basis to predict what the rest…

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J-Law Dior

We’re Loving Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior Campaign

As a fierce voice for being true to yourself, Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior Campaign photo shoot actually does a good job holding true to her personality. Jennifer Lawrence is a wonderful, brave, and strong voice for women. It’s not easy being a leading lady in the Hollywood spotlight, but J-Law has been vocal about how our society needs to be nicer to girls, girls need to be nicer to each other, and girls need to love themselves. Jennifer Lawrence herself has set a great example, and…

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6 Favorite Oscar Movie Quotes

The 2014 Oscars are around the corner and to celebrate Larkable has brought together our 6 favorite movie quotes from some of the nominations. 6. Best Animated Feature Nominee: Frozen Disney finally does it right! 5. Best Picture Nominee: American Hustle (Just because you hear it in a movie, don’t forget to fact check before you actually quote Jesus saying this) 4. Best Picture Nominee: The Wolf of Wall Street (Possibly the only piece of advice you should take away from this movie) 3. Best…

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