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Sesame Street

I Bet You Never Realized the Sesame Street Guys Have Their Fandoms Too

As a childless adult, it’s been a few years since I’ve watched a full episode of Sesame Street. It turns out, I’ve been missing out on some great fandom references. I had always assumed videos like this one, from yesterday, were more of a rarity! Thanks to this tumblr user, I (and our readers, by extension) have been enlightened.

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Catching Fire

The Shameful Truth About The Oscars

Did you wonder why Catching Fire wasn’t nominated for an Oscar? So did we. In fact, let’s take it even further and consider why none of the Harry Potter movies, though nominated for cinematography, etc, ever won anything either. The Oscar selection committee is rather consistent in disregarding most book-to-silverscreen adaptations. Peter Jackson and his Lord of the Rings trilogy cleverly circumnavigated this trend (his trilogy won 17 of 30 Academy Award nominations). ┬áBut it all begs the question: why are so many YA book…

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