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The Hobbit Sarah Dunn

Sarah Dunn: The Hobbit and Harry Potter Specials

Sarah Dunn has published a gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS collection of photos from the incredible players in The Hobbit. Every single one of these stunning photos is credited to the incredible Sarah Dunn. We live in a visual world, and here at Larkable, we like to highlight those who visualize our fandoms best. If you haven’t heard of Sarah Dunn before, please check out her incredible work. I personally suggest beginning with her Harry Potter Specials. Let me give you a little taste of what this…

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John and Sherlock

Sherlock Series 4 Seems to Grow Further and Further Away

In that casually elegant way of his, Martin Freeman sums up Sherlock Series 4: “Piss or get off the pot.” The actor recently revealed to Digital Spy that plans to film the fourth season of our favorite BBC crime drama have been, once again, delayed. This announcement comes on the heels of Cumberbatch’s statement in an interview with the Radio Times that he was “genuinely unsure” whether or not any future series’ would be made. And you though Moffat and Gatiss were the trolls to…

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John and Sherlock

‘Ramblings’ Summary of ‘Sherlock’ Nailed It

Perhaps you’ve come across Ramblings of a Time Traveler before. In case you’ve missed it, we have their breakdown of BBC’s Sherlock to date, now complete with pictures: Ep1: Sherlock is a dick. …John has a boner for him but is not gay. …Peril. Mysteries. Ep2: John is involved with a woman, but there is still some serious Johnlock content. …John nearly gets killed. Ep3: John and Sherlock nearly die. …Dramatic cliffhanger that will leave you breathless with anticipation for a couple of years. Ep4:…

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Missing Martin Freeman? Catch Him This Spring on FX!

And check out his crazy Minnesota Accent in the new FX Fargo trailer!

We’ve got an indeterminate amount of time before we’ll once again see Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman reunited on Baker Street, it’s true.  But that doesn’t mean you have to wait until the next Hobbit movie to see Freeman!  Catch our favorite hedgehog-lookalike  in the new FX “original” series (but based on that 90’s cult classic from the Coen brothersFargo.   If you’re happy to see Freeman in this FX reimagining, you can write a thank you note to his wife,  Amanda Abbington. A longtime fan of the movie and owner of a “Better Call Saul” t-shirt, Abbington basically forced Freeman into the project when she heard it was an opportunity. She gleefully told Vulture that Bob Odenkirk follows her on twitter now.

sherlock animated GIF
Abbington played the adorable but lethal Mary Morstan in Sherlock, season 3.

Fargo promises to be just different enough from the movie, with a new plot and marked personality shifts in characters. Basically, the series is an AU*, OOC* Fargo fanfic* which won over the Coen brothers so thoroughly that it got its own show. That’s okay, we’re dealing with a superbly talented cast: Freeman and Odenkirk, as well as Billy Bob Thornton, Colin Hanks, Kate Walsh, and many others. All of whom, based on the trailer, do a stellar (if not a smidge over-the-top) Minnesota accent.

Joel and Ethan Coen returned to executive produce the show and wrote three episodes. Fans of the original: if you have a problem with FX’s Fargo, you know where to direct your hate mail.

Other executive producers include series writer, Noah Hawley, the exceedingly talented pilot director Adam Bernstein (who already proved his chops in 30 Rock, and Breaking Bad), Warren Littlefield and Geyer Kosinski. 

Fargo will air on FX, April 15 at 10pm/9C. Still itching for more info? Take a peek at Yahoo’s “first look“.

*AU = Alternate Universe
*OOC = Out Of Character
*Fanfic = Fan Fiction

Things That Break Sherlockian Hearts

Watching Benedict Cumberbatch on Valentine’s Day sounded like a good idea, but now you’re heartbroken, and you don’t understand why the world keeps on spinning. Christmas things are supposed to make you all happy, but instead your heart falls to your stomach for Molly Hooper                       (Source) Right when you think Irene Adler is a terrible person, Sherlock reveals that he’s had her figured out all along, even if he didn’t realize to what extent…

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Things That Make Sherlockian Hearts

Why do we love Sherlock? Um, because how can we not? It’s wonderful to look back at all the good times with fondness. Are you ready for this Sherlockians? Let’s get on with it then! To date, BBC’s Sherlock might have the most fantastic introduction to Sherlock yet. It places us undoubtedly in our current time with the technology, it integrates text messaging brilliantly, and gives us a taste of Sherlock’s personality before we even meet him: Then we do meet him and he’s incredible…

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Doctor Who and Sherlock

‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Sherlock’ Moments That Gave Us Goosebumps

Fans of one tend to be fans of the other. Doctor Who and Sherlock are brilliant, clever, and all that genius is incredibly sexy! With Sherlock Series 3 wrapped up, time to go back and look at the easter eggs and cross-overs of our favorite British blokes: Hair raising. Abosolutely hair raising. And just for the Sherlockians:

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I Am ‘Sherlocked’: Sherlockians Finally Have A Con of Their Own

Sherlockians, rejoice! Sherlockology announces the very first SHERLOCKED: The Official Sherlock Convention. Hold onto your deerstalker cap, because you’re about to be blown away. Sherlockology announced that in 2013 there will be a massive event honoring the incredibly successful BBC series Sherlock. Over the course of 3 days, the convention expects to feature activities, guest stars from the cast and crew, talks, photo shoots, autograph sessions and lots more. Sherlock’s producer Sue Vertue exclusively told us: “We’re very excited to be announcing our first official…

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12 Facts You May Not Have Known About Sherlock Season 3

WARNING: Spoilers Below! Proceed with Caution! This past Sunday (2/2/14) concluded season 3 of BBC’s hit series “Sherlock” for American audiences (the show aired in the UK three weeks before the US). Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat never fail to fill each season with complicated story arcs and fantastic content, each episode warranting a rewatch or two (or five).  So how many times have you seen each episode? Multiple viewings aside, here’s some extraneous info you all might not have known. Watson’s Stag Night (episode…

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Take The ‘Is Moriarty Really Dead?’ Poll!

This weekend’s episode of Sherlock left fans wide-eyed and slack jawed, and Zap2it wants to know what you think! Click Here to cast your vote whether or not Moriarty is dead and let your voice be heard! In case you were wondering what Mark Gratiss and Steven Moffat have to say on the subject, this little gem has been floating around: Our heads are reeling, that’s for certain. Why would they leave us like that without as much as a Series 4 script complete? Alas,…

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Richard Armitage Nailed This “Hobbit” Quiz, Could You?

Everyone knows that the fantastical world created by J.R.R. Tolkien for The Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit and The Silmarillion is exceedingly vast and complex, filled with backstories and side adventures and its own mythic lore. Empire Magazine quizzed the Hobbit cast on their own knowledge of Tolkien Trivia. While most answers were pretty weak, Richard Armitage (Thorin) absolutely nailed it (looks like someone really researched his part). Could you? (Gifs Source) (Interview can be found here)

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