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People's Choice Feature

Vote for People’s Choice Awards 2015

Fandoms assemble! We need you to cast your votes for the 2015 People’s Choice Awards, stat! People’s Choice is coming up on January 7th and it’s not too late to get your vote in. Vote for your favorites at People’s Choice here! It’s going to be hard, fellow fans. Like, really hard. Just look at a few of the choices of the Favorite Movie! This year’s choices are incredibly difficult for movies. When it comes to the Oscars in a few more weeks, it won’t…

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Once Upon a Time

We Can’t Wait for this “Once Upon a Time” Storyline!

Last night concluded the epic, 2 hour season finale to ABC’s Once Upon a Time and we got a sneak peak of what’s ahead for next year — are you ready for it?


The show’s official facebook page and twitter account have already started using the hashtag #FrozenisComing.

What do you think? At the box office, Frozen broke records becoming the highest grossing animated film ever. The film had been out only a few months before Disney announced that a broadway musical production was in the works. Are we really surprised OUaT chose to Elsa and Anna’s story to the list of fairy tale narratives inhabiting the small town of Storybrooke?

All this writer can say for sure? I really hope they choose Kristen Bell to play Anna!


Meghan Ory

Little Red Makes A Big Comeback

“Once Upon a Time” is welcoming back fan-favorite Meghan Ory to reprise her role as Little Red Riding Hood/Ruby Lucas for the second-half of season 3. Fans were disappointed last May when it was revealed that, due to the Neverland arc, Meghan Ory would be moving on to a new CBS show, “Intelligence”, rather than  returning in Season 3. The departure seemed to be an amicable split as both Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis as well as Ory expressed sincere regret at the decision. Luckily…

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Once Upon a Time

Why This Season of ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” Might Be The Best Yet

The ABC hit Once Upon A Time returns on March 9th, and we’ve got the latest scoop! Rumors have circulated for months about what’s coming on the second half of Season 3 for OUAT. While the mid-season finale left some devastated, we can all be assured that creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis still have some tricks up their sleeves. They revealed to TV Line that a major character will die, and the actor playing him or her will not be returning to the show.…

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