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Matt Smith

Breaking News: Matt Smith Returns to Doctor Who

Hot on the heels of speculation over River Song returning to Doctor Who, We have confirmation that Matt Smith will be returning for a cameo as Eleven in Series 8. Confused? So were we. But it seems that viewers weren’t the only ones who weren’t quite ready to bid Matt Smith “Goodbye.” Big Wigs at BBC and Head Writer for the show, Steven Moffat, collaborated on a way to bring back Matt’s Doctor (Eleven) for one last farewell moment. Smith, who was nominated for a…

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River Song

Could The Doctor’s Wife Make A Comeback for Peter Capaldi?

Not if Matt Smith has anything to say about it! At least, that’s what Smith told the masses at the Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con over this past weekend. Alex Kingston’s River Song first appeared on Doctor Who back in Tennant’s era for what was thought to be a one-time guest appearance. That all changed once Matt Smith came in and Moffat became headwriter. Kingston was invited back multiple times to develop River Song, her narrative and her relationship with the doctor. River’s character…

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Peter Capaldi

If This Acting Doesn’t Cause Feels, I Don’t Know What Will

Everyone is pretty excited for more of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor after yesterday’s unveiling. Lucky for you all, this tumblr user has created a gifset of a short on-set hug between Capaldi and Clara! Something tells us, this scene is going to be a bit emotional for audiences. Check it out here! (You can check out the full video here!)

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