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Mathew Baynton

Get Ready For The Next Big British TV Hit…

Yonderland has the makings of being the next biggest show out of the UK. What could be the love child between Monty Python and Labyrinth, Yonderland looks promising for everyone: The video clip goes first because you need to see this to believe it. Bleeding Cool describes it as Monty Python does Labyrinth. We’re also definitely pickup up some Shrek influence with the fairyland feel and a touch of Family Guy spontaneity, only completely appropriate for the entire family. They clearly don’t take themselves too…

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J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling Says Profound Things Regarding Relationships in ‘Harry Potter’

The interview that was heard about around the world is finally out, and J.K. Rowling opens up into real human detail about Hermoine, Ron, and Harry. Admittedly, the wait has been almost sickening and we haven’t even known about it for that long, but now that the famous interview of J.K. Rowling by Emma Watson is out, we just want to talk about it more. Not because of the outrage, but because J.K. Rowling admits almost all too late that Harry, Hermoine and Ron were…

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Harry Potter

New Post-Potter Revelations from J.K. Rowling Leave Fans Stunned

J.K. Rowling uses her pen like a wand, and she just stupefied the fandom. In a shocking interview for Wonderland Magazine, conducted by Emma Watson (basically Hermione Granger incarnate), beloved author J.K. Rowling came out and said it: Hermione and Ron Weasley shouldn’t have ended up together. Anyone else need a second? I did. Rowling goes on to insist that she put Hermione and Ron together out of wish fulfillment and a regard for the way she initially imagined the story rather than literary intent.…

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