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An Open Letter to Carrie Fisher

Image Credit Like most Star Wars fans, and particularly other female Star Wars fans, I was fond of Princess Leia. I really first discovered Star Wars in third grade and it was nice to actually have a woman role model in fantasy/sci-fi. As the chubby girl, I never actually got to play Princess Leia, that was decidedly for the skinnier friend of the group to play, but I appreciated Leia’s presence nonetheless. As I got older and still loved and rewatched Star Wars, I realized just…

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Best Gifts for Star Wars Fans

Whether it’s for a holiday, birthday, or something else, it can be super difficult to pick just the right gift for the Star Wars fan in your life. Not to worry, we have you covered. Whether they are a die-hard collector or a new fan, these gift ideas are sure to make you a winner! 1. Mimobot  Star Wars Flash Drives   This awesome series of USB drives comes in many different sizes and in practically every character in the series! I personally have the…

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Let’s Talk About the Menage Ensabre

We’ve established the Stephen Colbert is a fanboy, but he’s not only that, but he’s the fandom’s greatest defender. Steven Colbert has proven himself quite the conservative, except when it comes to fandoms. He’s really into LOTR and now we’ve been exposed to his lighter side with this Star Wars clip from a recent show. The Colbert ReportGet More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,The Colbert Report on Facebook,Video Archive We have to say, we’re glad he spoke out about the lightsaber. This writer has personally tried…

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Star Wars

Three New Reasons to Get Excited for “Star Wars Episode VII”

Twitter and Deadline confirm, Lupita Nyong’O and Gwendoline Christie have joined the cast of the upcoming Star Wars film. We reported last month that writer/director J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan had teased that, despite a full casting announcement, further announcements had yet to be made. Of course, his video sparked speculation again that previous rumors about Zac Efron’s participation in the movie might be correct after all. Unfortunately, Efron’s casting is not to be, but we’re definitely more pumped to hear confirmation that the brilliant,…

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More Casting Announcements to Come for “Star Wars Episode VII”

As facebook was all too happy to inform you, yesterday was Star Wars Day, “May the Fourth be with you.” In honor of the fan proclaimed holiday, JJ Abrams released a video selfie from London where he’s hard at work with Lawrence Kasdan finalizing the next Star Wars script. What was there to glean from the vid? Not a whole lot, other than to say that production is ramping up and casting announcements are continuing. Not that we’re still holding our breath for Zac Efron or…

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Mos Eisley Spaceport

10 ‘Star Wars’ Products to Prove Your Love

Is the Force so strong with you that you don’t even need to wear Star Wars gear? Us too! But sometimes without paraphernalia, other fans don’t take you seriously. Here are 10 accessories to put posers in their place and show who’s the true Jedi master. 1. Chewbacca Inspired Seat Belt and Strap Cover (Source) What were you saying? I couldn’t hear over how awesome I am as I buckle up. 2. Rebel Alliance Earrings (Source) Black goes with everything, and these sophisticated symbols of…

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Imperial Walker

Star Wars Proves Everything Is Better With Lasers at Sochi Olympics

Love it or hate it, you have to agree that this Star Wars/Olympic skiing mashup is much better off with all the lasers! Sometimes, the creativity of fans on the internet wins gold, and I dare say this is one for the books. Youtube ‘pro’ Natholdetpaatv2 has created a hilarious mashup showing Imperial walkers from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back going up against some unfortunate Olympic hopefuls on the downhill slopes. Of course, Tumblr jumped all over it, and now you can find gifs…

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How I Met Your Mother

How To Tell A Joke “How I Met Your Mother” Style

As “How I Met Your Mother” prepares to wrap up its final season, it seems fitting to take a moment to remember the best recurring jokes from the last nine seasons. 1) Canada. (source) 2)And following that note, Robin Sparkles. Everyone remembers Robin Scherbatsky’s Teenage Pop Sensation Alter-Ego, Robin Sparkles. How many times did the show bring this back? 4? Regardless, it was hilarious each and every time. (source) (source)  3)  The Slap Bet, which started back in season 2 when everyone was trying to…

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Gary Oldman Super Sirius

Gary Oldman for ‘Star Wars Episode 7’? [Video]

Oh please say yes. Gary Oldman confirms in this video clip that “They’ve called.” What do you think of this short interview clip from Skymovies? The esteemed actor takes a moment to give us a clever little smile and admit that “They’ve called” when asked about a role in the upcoming Star Wars film. The 55 year old actor who has been in several iconic roles would be warmly welcomed by fans. We’ve loved him as Dracula, Sirius Black, Sean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg, Commissioner Gordon, and…

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