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Prince New Girl

Catch PRINCE on “New Girl” Tonight!

That’s right, not Tuesday night — Sunday night (tonight), right after the Superbowl! Prince, of Purple Rain fame, is guest starring on tonight’s episode of “New Girl” and Larkable is pretty excited to see what’s in store for fans. Fox even released a special trailer for the event. Jess and Cece get an invite to the Superstar’s house party and naturally, the guys try to crash it. Bets are Winston tries to pull a prank which goes horribly wrong, Schmidt tries to schmooz with the a-list…

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Breaking News: Watch Marvel’s New “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Trailer HERE!

This all new Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer leaves us with some actual itching questions, the most important being: whose corpse is under that sheet? We didn’t think there could be any more footage coming from the new Captain America movie, but actually, this was pretty good. Foxsports.com gave us an all new trailer from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. While the first released trailer left us hopeful, it was difficult to really see which direction the franchise was taking. With this all new…

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