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Why We Want a “Gilmore Girls” Reunion, Jess and Logan Need Not Apply

Lauren Graham’s Reddit AMA has launched a thousand shipper hearts ready for a Gilmore Girls Movie. Lauren Graham has been busy since wrapping Gilmore Girls back in 2007. A regular on NBC’s Parenthood, a New York Times Bestselling Author for her debut novel “Someday, Someday Maybe”, and an executive producer alongside Ellen Degeneres for the CW pilot adaptation of her novel (we’re still waiting to see if it gets picked up). In honor of her book’s recent release in paperback, Graham hosted an AMA (ask me anything) on…

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Top 5 Reasons Why We’re Obsessed with the CW’s Reign

The CW has done it again: Freshman Series Reign has fans enthralled… And Larkable is no exception. Purchased for development back in fall of 2012, Reign was promoted as “Game of Thrones” meets Marie Antoinette — producers did not disappoint. Of course, the show conforms to common CW tropes: a dramatic love triangle, will-they-won’t-they relationships, and more hook-ups and break ups in the first 14 episodes than most rookie shows could hope to pull off. Despite all the clichés, Reign gets several things right, retaining an element of…

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