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Leonardo Dicaprio

Who Will Take Home a MTV Movie Award ?

The nominations for the MTV Movie Awards are out and we love who we see The Oscars are great. It goes without saying and usually it’s worth the watch (sometimes, not so much, but usually it delivers). But let’s be honest–we really look forward to the MTV Movie Awards because those are the movies that we’ve not only heard of, but we’ve also at least seen once, if not 2 or 3 times. Other fandom members should be pretty happy to see the nominees. Who…

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6 Favorite Oscar Movie Quotes

The 2014 Oscars are around the corner and to celebrate Larkable has brought together our 6 favorite movie quotes from some of the nominations. 6. Best Animated Feature Nominee: Frozen Disney finally does it right! 5. Best Picture Nominee: American Hustle (Just because you hear it in a movie, don’t forget to fact check before you actually quote Jesus saying this) 4. Best Picture Nominee: The Wolf of Wall Street (Possibly the only piece of advice you should take away from this movie) 3. Best…

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