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Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf fans, did you catch this?

Teen Wolf

Television is always doing this thing where they draw cool parallels between seasons. Teen Wolf being the latest example of this: beware, spoilers from Season 3b below!

Sometimes these developments are drawn just to be funny, sometimes to be tongue in cheek and sometimes, they’re presented to display the character development.

Fact: Teen wolf is not written by Joss Whedon…

Potentially Controversial Opinion: Teen Wolf is not written by anyone equally as talented at advancing a plot, tying together loose ends, emphasizing important details or character development.

Therefore: Parallels like those exhibited below tend to be more necessary to illustrate how much a character has grown or changed due to conflict than they are tongue in cheek.

That Being Said: I like Teen Wolf. I love it, actually. It’s a huge guilty pleasure. I watched the first two and a half seasons in the span of a single week. I criticize it because I can’t stop watching it. It’s coming from a place of love. So naturally, I had to share with you these awesome gifset parallels found on tumblr. (Credit to Obrozey!)

1) Scott (Tyler Posey) now embraces mystery and (kinda) the macabre.

Teen Wolf

2) Okay, now this one was just funny. Remember that time Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) beat the crap out of Scott for the sake of “learning control” and stuff? So do the writers.

Teen Wolf

3) Allison (Crystal Reed) has developed a wicked tremor (PTSD much?) and picked up some wicked red lipstick (and where can I get some?)
Teen Wolf

4) Scott now holds the flashlight. And the GPS. Oh, and he’s an alpha.

Teen Wolf

You can catch up on the Teen Wolf at MTV.com, or tune in to MTV Monday nights at 10PM/9C!

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