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Things That Make Sherlockian Hearts

Why do we love Sherlock? Um, because how can we not? It’s wonderful to look back at all the good times with fondness.

Are you ready for this Sherlockians?

Mycroft I can barely contain myself

Let’s get on with it then!

excited sherlock

To date, BBC’s Sherlock might have the most fantastic introduction to Sherlock yet. It places us undoubtedly in our current time with the technology, it integrates text messaging brilliantly, and gives us a taste of Sherlock’s personality before we even meet him:


Then we do meet him and he’s incredible

The name is sherlock holmes
and the address is 221b Baker Street
Sherlock wink

As we can already see, his manners are impeccable:

ah mr holmes


yes thank you for your input

Well, sort of. At least he’s concerned about others:

Don't talk out loud




OK, fine, he’s a complete ass. But he does have John who completely adores him, and that’s practically a redeeming quality:

that's brilliant

He does love to be dramatic


you being all mysterious

SH: “Punch me in the face.”

JW: “Punch you?”

SH: “Yes. In the face. Didn’t you hear me?”

I always hear punch me in the face

But he’s always on Sherlock’s side, regardless:

a friend an enemy oh which one

sheet 1
sheet 2
sheet 3
sheet 4
sheet 5
sheet 6
sheet 7
sheet 8


We discovered we love drunk Sherlock and John

ss crime somethingorother

yeah, but am I a pretty lady

The game is... something




He's Clueing for Looks

Sherlock has a lot of faults, but he’s brilliant, witty, and fiercely loyal, and we love him for all he’s worth:

bravest and kindest and wisest



Not in the mood for gooey good? See the things that break Sherlockian hearts.

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