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Things That Break Sherlockian Hearts

Watching Benedict Cumberbatch on Valentine’s Day sounded like a good idea, but now you’re heartbroken, and you don’t understand why the world keeps on spinning.


Christmas things are supposed to make you all happy, but instead your heart falls to your stomach for Molly Hooper

Christmas Molly


you always say such horrible thingsalways always

I'm sorry forgive meMerry Christmas Molly












I am locked

Right when you think Irene Adler is a terrible person, Sherlock reveals that he’s had her figured out all along, even if he didn’t realize to what extent

Irene and Sherlock

Because I took your pulse

There’s this…

You look sad when you think he can't see you


There’s that horrible scene where Sherlock sacrificed his life for someone important to him
This is my note


Don't be Dead

I heard you

You can’t look at Irish Setters anymore without choking up


That horrible foreboding sense…

John Watsons in danger

Your hand immediately goes to your mouth at this


And after all of that you just need this


Need a pick me up? See the things that make Sherlockian hearts.

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