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Thorgi and BaneCat

Thorgi and BaneCat Figurines [Video]

Thorgi and BaneCat

I’m not really into collectables, but Eric Ho’s BaneCat and Thorgi Internet sensation memes might just start something.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t need one of these little 3D printed guys sitting on your desk? Giving you the eye; guilting you into getting whatever it is you need to do get done.

Ginger BaneCat

“You complain that it’s dark? I was born in darkness. I thrive in darkness. I am better than you.”

Don’t let BaneCat talk that way! Buckle down and finish what you’re working on!

Then again, they may just be distracting.


“Why does thou mortal not just urinate on what thou wants? Claim it and it will be yours!”

Calm down, Thorgi, it doesn’t quite work that way.

What? Inanimate objects can speak to you all the time, it just depends on your imagination…or how intoxicated you are. See the following video for more details.

Whichever way these adorable 3D figurines might tempt you, it has to be said, these are too cute not to share. But if you know someone whose life would benefit from a 3D printed collectables, you can find Thorgi for $25.00 and BaneCat (as well as other fantastic meme cats) for $19.99 at Eric Ho’s product pages.

I’m pretty certain I need dis.

Heavily Breathing Cat

*Breaths Heavily*

Thanks to Nerd Approved for introducing us to BaneCat and Thorgi!

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