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Age of Extinction

‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Trailer Revieled

Transformers is back with a new cast, new bots, and–fingers crossed–new excitement.

No, we’re ready for it. Transformers always packs a good punch, and Mark Wahlberg is quite enjoyable in just about anything he does. It’s just…for Transformers: Dark of the Moon there was a definite moment where we as an audience went ‘Really? We’re supposed to believe that?’ Which, when you’re 2 hours into watching cars turn into talking robots in unrealistic proportions and it takes that long to ask the question, then the movie is just bringing too much to tolerate. So clearly the Oscar nominated sound and visual effects team were not the problem, but just the writing and possibly the actors were.

Age of ExtinctionBut maybe Mark Wahlberg will be good for us! Maybe we just need Marky Mark to bring his magic to Age of Extinction and make us believe again. Did you see Stanley Tucci’s going to be in this? And those are some pretty sick looking Dinobots; we can agree on that.

This looks like another one of Michael Bay’s CGI brainchildren with over the top visuals and a ridiculous plot line, but it does have other charms to draw us in.

DinobotsFor more info, check out The Verge, and we’ll see you in the theaters on June 27th. Because regardless of how much we were unmoved by the last movie, there’s no way we’d miss this.

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