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What Do We Want??!

Equality! This week UPWORTHY shared a great question from Cate Blanchett, and Larkable couldn’t agree more

If you aren’t following UPWORTHY, you should be. They’re giving hope to the human race by sharing the best of humanity, movements against the worst of humanity, and asking the right questions. This week they shared a gif of Cate Blanchett asking a camera man (or woman) a totally legit question:


Great question, Cate. Also, we love you. We’re not certain the public can say that enough.

At Larkable, we’re not saying the gradual video accession of an actors’/actresses’ form be completely obliterated from the red carpet. We’re just asking that if you’re going to do it to one sex, you do it to both. We’re all for gender equality here. Besides, you never know what pleasant surprises you might get when this move is pulled equally across both men and women. So for the 2014 Oscars, it might be a nice time to start this movement.

And now here’s a red carpet moment with Aston Kutcher politely allowing Hugh Laurie to go before him and Demi Moore. Equality, people. And manners.


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