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Who’s Already Signed On For ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 3’?

That would be Marc Webb, the director of the first and second live action Amazing Spider-Man reboots.


Variety released that we can expect the third ASM in June 2016. Rumor has it we can even expect Venom. That takes me back to after-school cartoons! Also soon to join the villainous ranks will be the Sinister Six. With this expanded universe Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal aims to “have Spider-Man movies every year.” At Larkable we’re raising our eyebrows wondering how Sony plans to achieve this. We already know ASM 4 won’t be out until December 2018, so what is this supposed to mean?

It’s safe to say Andrew Garfield will be sticking around for a third film, but a fourth ASM might not be in the cards. Garfield stated to Yahoo:

“I mean I’m under contract for another one after this… as far as a forth one? That’s not anything to do with me.”

Sony wants a movie every year and Andrew Garfield hasn’t confirmed he’s staying on as Spider-Man. What is one to think?

We’d certainly love to see more of Andrew Garfield. His portrayal of the teenage Spider-Man/Peter Parker has been one of the best to date. His teenage angst and inner conflict is spot on, his millennial generation attention span is perfect, and that hair is incredible. Not that looks matter all that much, but amazing hair certainly doesn’t hurt an image.


So what does this mean for Emma Stone? Something tells us not to expect Gwen Stacy back for a third installment. We’d hate to see her go, but depending on how ASM 2 turns out, it might not be helped.

Emma Stone Nodding

So there’s lot of exciting stuff in the works for The Amazing Spider-Man, and we’ll keep you posted! See you in theaters May 2, 2014!

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