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Billie Piper's Photo

Whovians Everywhere Just Squeaked

Maybe not all whovians, but for everyone who voted in Rose Tyler as the best modern companion is going to flip when they see the photo Billie Piper uploaded to Facebook!

Whovians, prepare yourself: Billie Piper’s Official Facebook Page just posted this incredible photo…

Billie Piper's Photo

The caption on her page read “Love in SLC! Having a fabulous time!! Xx”

And yep, you’re correct: that awesome red-head is totally Karen Gillan, or as we all know her as, Nebula. OK, fine, Amy Pond.

Just look at Karen and her bad self! “What?! You wanna piece of this?! You got a problem with what’s going on behind me?!”

come at me bro

I mean…basically that’s what she’s doing.

And just look at that picture! I mean, really look at it!!!

Billie and Matt

That’s Rose Tyler and Eleven! Like, a mature, current, Rose Tyler meeting the Eleventh Doctor as he is: the man who forgets. But there they are: two souls who so completely loved each other that they could only be separated by alternate universes. And there they are! Loving life like they always do when they’re together! It’s so fantastic! So amazing! So…


…until the author recovers, please talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic: Rose Tyler and Eleven meet at a space refuge camp for survivors from a massive attack, the refuge camp completely organized and directed by the Rose. The Doctor goes to meet this ‘The Rose’ not expecting who he runs into. They see each other and his breath catches. She immediately feels something in her chest when she looks at him: hasn’t she seen him before? Didn’t he help tutor her with her homework once upon a time? Once the shock finally passes, the two reconnect via dance and laughter during a camp social to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros 40 Day Dream. Discuss.

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