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stories are wild creatures

A Beloved ‘Monster’ Is Coming to the Big Screen

The award winning low fantasy children’s book A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness will be coming to theaters 2016 and it’s going to be something.

A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls is the story of 13 year old Conor who during the night is plagued with nightmares. During the day he is plagued by troubles. There is no escape and things only become more frightening when an ancient and wild monster comes to him seven minutes past midnight.

A Monster Calls. Patrick Ness.

The monster is not of his nightmares. It’s not what Conor expects at all. In fact, the monster strikes a deal with Conor that he will tell the boy three stories, and after that, Conor must tell the monster of his nightmare.

stories are wild creatures


The story is about growing, coming to terms, and above all, facing the monsters in your life.

A Monster Calls is a critically acclaimed book written by Patrick Ness and originally inspired by Siobhan Dowd. As you can see from the excerpts at the end of this post, it was received very well, and in 2016 it will be coming to the big screen by Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona. Based on Bayona’s last film The Impossible and his other announced project, World War Z 2, we should not be left wanting for horror, which the story line provides enough of in a few forms.

The movie adaptation of A Monster Calls is already being received positively. The illustrations alone scream for the attention cinematic effects. We’re a little surprised this project hasn’t fallen in Guillermo del Toro’s hands, but we’re looking forward to it nonetheless.

Critical Praise for A Monster Calls:

“This is storytelling as it should be – harrowing, lyrical and transcendent.” – Meg Rosoff, How I Live Now

“…this is one profoundly sad story…a potent piece of art…” – Jessica Bruder, journalist

“…brave and beautiful, full of compassion […] the result trembles with life.” – Daniel Hahn, The Independent

“a singular masterpiece.” – Publisher’s Weekly

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