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Ben as Doctor Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch to Star as Doctor Strange?

Is It True? Can It Be? Rumors are running rampant on the interwebs that Benedict Cumberbatch is going to play Doctor Strange in 2016.

Basically, all we have to say in response to this is:

Calm your tits

This news break comes from Deadline as they jumped the gun before the official Marvel announcement is made. We can actually expect a real announcement to be official on October 28th.

We’re not saying the Cumberbatch/Strange rumor isn’t correct, but based on @AgentM and someone else’s interpretation of his gif usage, we’re saying…yeah…maybe not hold your breath?

It’s not a terrible assumption. Benedict Cumberbatch would make an excellent addition to the Marvel casting family. Marvel tends to go with big names as opposed to unknowns, and since Joaquin Phoenix walked away, casting is opened to the likes of not only Ben, but Ryan Gosling, Ewan McGregor, and Keanu Reeves (unlikely, though). Based on the personalities chosen for our other existing Marvel heroes, big personality goes a long way, and Ben has some big personality to offer. And he’s eccentric, which is just fantastic. And based on fan art, his cheekbones will most certainly fill the role.

Ben as Doctor Strange (Image Source)

So hang in there until tomorrow! We’ll know for certain if we’ll see Ben suiting up to join his A-List brethren in the Marvel Universe in a few sweet hours! Other sources believe we’ll hear plenty more in Marvel’s hour-long conference that will give us plenty of opportunity for fan art portraits and movie posters in the long months and years to come.

The only thing that has us concerned is…if Cumberbatch is playing Dr. Stephen Strange…what will this do to his Sherlock timetable?

Facts of Tumblr 102 (Image Source)

UPDATE: Read about the Marvel Announcement here!

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