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The 8 TV and Movie Brothers You Wish You Had

Everyone has those sets of brothers they wish they had and this list brings everyone together in one place

Tommy Boy Brothers

Oh, Chris Farley, you’ll always be our favorite brother.

At some point, we all wish we had a different family. Maybe something a little less ordinary…

The Angry Beavers

The Angry Beavers

Angry Beaver Brothers

Muscular Beaver and Baron Bad Beaver

Biiiiiig Hug! Sure, they’re cartoons, but everyone from the 90’s are familiar with these two lovable rodents. Norbert and Daggett were groovy bachelor brothers who were always getting into trouble, staying up too late, and somehow singing along with someone. The mere amount of deviant art trying to find images of these two on Google is a clear sign that if Netflix ever considered reviving a cartoon, this would be the one to pick up.

Arrested Development


Arrested Development gif

Arrested Development Brothers




Bluth BrothersWhile the entire Bluth family would certainly make our life more like…well, like a TV show, there would at least never be a boring moment. Mitch Hurwitz did it right when he came up with these three: even the most grounded one, Michael, is so off-base that we can’t help but on occasion be grateful for our plainer lives. But for the most part, we wish we were a Bluth.

Boy Meets World

Corey and Eric Boy Meets World

boy meets world

Girl Meets World

The fact that we felt like a photo from each life stage needed to be used in order for the reader to recognize Corey and Eric really attests to how much America loved the Matthews brothers. They made us laugh, cry, they grew up as we grew up and were always there. Spanning from the 90’s into the 2010’s, Boy Meets World made all of us feel like part of the Matthews family, and there are no other brothers we could genuinely want to come home to more than these two.




Two Brothers



Loki Dokey

He's Adopted

Thor and Loki BrothersWe want these two brothers to get along so bad that it hurts. Thor and Loki are a song as old as time. Based on Norse mythology, these Marvel characters have everyone begging to make up and defend the universe together. Thor is too full of himself and Loki is too much of a prankster, but deep down they have good hearts and care for their family. It pains us to see Loki’s only reason for being the villain is he has a proud character flaw, but that’s what makes us love him all the more.








Speaking of brothers we wish would get along, Sherlock and Mycroft have made ‘genius’ never look more appealing. The Holmes brothers have been around for over a century, but only recently has Steven Moffat created a brotherhood as admirable as the Holmes boys. Much like the Bluth brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft make us realize that growing up doesn’t necessarily mean brothers grow out of being brothers.






there's nothing I wouldn't do for you

deal with it bro

Sam and Dean dedicate their lives to keeping the world safe from the evils in this world, however one look at tumblr would suggest that droves of girls wished the Winchester brothers were the things that were going bump in the night. Whoa, we just went there! Still, there’s no arguing that nearly a decade after making their grand appearance, these brothers are undoubtedly a pair of America’s favorite. Good for the CW finally nailing a good one. OK, we’ll stop. Moving on!



so many activities

your voice




Brennan Huff and Dale Doback show us that just because you didn’t grow up together doesn’t mean you can’t be brothers. Stepbrothers, for all it’s crude and cringe worthy moments, brought to light a somewhat common social situtaion where parents with grown children remarry and the relationships that come about because of it. While most step-siblings don’t spend much time getting to know each other, these two have definitely made us rethink the prospect of brotherhood, and given us a treasure trove of brilliant one-liners.

Harry Potter

(The Weasley Family)






The Weasley Clan - brothers

Several years ago, many of us would have balked at more than 5 siblings. Now thanks to the Weasley Clan, the idea of a larger family isn’t such a shock. This will most certainly tug on a few heartstrings, as we all know how the Weasley brothers wind up, but for what it’s worth, we love this firey bunch. Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, and Ron, each brother had their own charm and traits, and of course, they all watched out for their little sister Ginny. There’s nothing to not love about the Weasley’s.

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