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Zac Efron

Can We Expect Zac Efron In The New ‘Star Wars’ Movie? Looks Like It

Zac Efron confirms that he’s been talking to JJ Abrams specifically about Star Wars, so what could that possibly mean?

Zac Efron

Talking openly about a Star Wars part is risky business, however Zac Efron slyly mentions that he’s auditioned for Star Wars Episode VII and he loves the originals.

“Yeah, I just went and met with them,” said Efron. “So I don’t know. It would be cool. I love [the Star Wars movies], I love them, but… who knows?”

The real question shouldn’t just be ‘Is Zac Efron going to be in Star Wars?’ But instead should be ‘Why wouldn’t Zac Efron be in Star Wars?’ He’s definitely a big name star and hasn’t had a super defining role since he was portrayed as a teenager in High School Musical. While at Larkable we haven’t seen every single thing Zac Efron has been in, because frankly we’re not really into watching every single chick flick that comes out (at least this writer isn’t, that might be debatable among the others), Zac Efron has definitely shown a spectrum of acting capability across the different genres. Science Fiction would be a great leap for him, especially if he has a passion for the franchise, and with his already fleshed out portfolio it would be a good opportunity. It certainly wouldn’t rope him into a typecast. Taking on a Star Wars role hasn’t hurt everyone.

Besides, Efron does have a leg up on all the other rumored cast–as High School Musical alumni, he’s already a Disney star.

Jedi knightCarrie Fisher confirmed she, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford will all be returning for their roles in the iconic saga, but much like Zac Efron’s part, this is all rumor. Benedict Cumberbatch’s role is also rumored, but like Efron, he does have an advantage as he worked with Abram in Into Darkness, so take that rumor for what it’s worth.

CumberbatchBut they’re pretty believable, yes?

UPDATE [4/29/2014]:

Sadly, Zac Efron didn’t make the cut. For a visual list of who did, though, check out The New Star Wars Cast and How We Know Them on Larkable!

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