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Harry Potter

New Post-Potter Revelations from J.K. Rowling Leave Fans Stunned

J.K. Rowling uses her pen like a wand, and she just stupefied the fandom. In a shocking interview for Wonderland Magazine, conducted by Emma Watson (basically Hermione Granger incarnate), beloved author J.K. Rowling came out and said it: Hermione and Ron Weasley shouldn’t have ended up together. Anyone else need a second? I did. Rowling goes on to insist that she put Hermione and Ron together out of wish fulfillment and a regard for the way she initially imagined the story rather than literary intent.…

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Doctor Who You're Aweseom

Dedicated To The Fans

Larkable is Over 500 Likes and Followers! Fans are the best! Like this other article quoting the Vlogbrothers, fans are passionate, thoughtful, and whimsical. As a fandom, our suspension of disbelief is astronomical to the point where we’ll accept anything a story tells us. It’s not stupid to be fascinated by the fantastic, it’s enlightening! As the great Lewis Carroll once said, “I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast,” and that really worked out for him. And so we at Larkable say…

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Screens? Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Screens.

The iconic Back To The Future is coming to London, but not like you would expect. In honor of the 30th anniversary of the classic 80’s trilogy, Robert Zemeckis and the original film’s screenwriters, Bob Gale and Jamie Lloyd, will be showing a musical version of Back To The Future at the London West End stage. Bleeding Cool goes on to say that new music will be composed by Alan Silvestri, who worked extensively with Zemeckis on films including both Back to the Future sequels,…

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avatar special effects

Have you seen this?

35 Years of Special Effects at the Oscars Gizmodo shared a Sploid video created by Nelson Carvajal that brings together the last 35 years of special effects at the Oscars. From Star Wars: A New Hope to Life of Pi, there’s a clip from everything, and it’s a beautiful reminder what we as creators can do when given the resources. Watch the video, see how many you recognize, and start your bets on who will take home the special effects grand prize this year.

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The 8 TV and Movie Brothers You Wish You Had

Everyone has those sets of brothers they wish they had and this list brings everyone together in one place Oh, Chris Farley, you’ll always be our favorite brother. At some point, we all wish we had a different family. Maybe something a little less ordinary… The Angry Beavers Biiiiiig Hug! Sure, they’re cartoons, but everyone from the 90’s are familiar with these two lovable rodents. Norbert and Daggett were groovy bachelor brothers who were always getting into trouble, staying up too late, and somehow singing…

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marvel guardians

Marvel Could Ramp Up Their Production Any Day Now

The plot for the comic book movies seems to be unveiling faster than Marvel can keep up. This is all speculation, of course. When movies want to keep a tight lid on things, they can. For instance, we’re not even going to get a preview of Guardians of the Galaxy at the Super Bowl. However, it’s possible that fans might start to figure out what’s going on if they do. After all, we don’t even get The Avengers: Age of Ultron until 2015, so if…

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Chris and Tom

Why Chris and Tom Are The Best On Screen Brothers

Thor 2 was released in late 2013 and audiences got exactly what they wanted: more Brotherly Love from Thor and Loki. Thor and Loki are arguably the best brother duo cinema has seen in ages, if not ever. Never before have two actors stolen the show based on familial relations more so than these two. Thor was somewhat of a ‘What did I just watch?’ movie, with no real point other than introducing the characters prior to Avengers. The only redeeming quality the movie offered…

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The Film Industry’s Desperate Attempt to Educate Their Audiences

TV and movies generally get a bad rap for being dumb, irrelevant, meaningless, and overall mind numbing, but that’s actually not the case. Yeah, OK, sometimes movies and films can be mindless. Occasionally, that’s the charm. But if you don’t turn your brain off completely while watching some of your favorite flicks, you’ll probably notice that Hollywood is (and has) been making a pretty legitimate attempt to address some of the ignorances in our culture. The most well known case for this is Rob Reiner’s…

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Nick Miller

15 Reasons Why Nick Miller Makes the Best Boyfriend

To be fair, this could easily turn into a multi-post topic, because New Girl ‘s Nick Miller (Jake Johnson) is more complex than these fifteen reasons and we’d hate to box him in. But we’ll begin here: 1) Nick Miller is romantic… 2) And spontaneous. 3) He knows how to cook. 4) As an aspiring writer, he’s great with metaphors. 5) He’s a deep thinker. 6) He’s hygienic. 7) He cares about his friends. 8) Nick Miller is not threatened by the color pink. 9) He’s athletic.…

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Catching Fire

The Shameful Truth About The Oscars

Did you wonder why Catching Fire wasn’t nominated for an Oscar? So did we. In fact, let’s take it even further and consider why none of the Harry Potter movies, though nominated for cinematography, etc, ever won anything either. The Oscar selection committee is rather consistent in disregarding most book-to-silverscreen adaptations. Peter Jackson and his Lord of the Rings trilogy cleverly circumnavigated this trend (his trilogy won 17 of 30 Academy Award nominations).  But it all begs the question: why are so many YA book…

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