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Daniel Radcliffe Tonight Show

Daniel Radcliffe Subtly Cast an Expelliarmus Charm and Left Us All Stupified

Can we just talk about how amazing it is that Daniel Radcliffe rapped it out on Jimmy Fallon?

In case you haven’t seen it, this is what we’re talking about:


I thought you might need to be pulled out of that spell Daniel Radcliffe just put you under.

Radcliffe is one hundred percent known the world over as “Harry Potter.” I don’t think anyone has ever seen a picture of him and went “Hey! That’s Arthur Kipps!” so it was riddikulusly refreshing to see our favorite wizard whip out this little ditty that we didn’t see coming.

Not only does he impress us with his mythical powers of annunciation, but as the rap goes on, he really gets into it and genuinely enjoys rapping on The Tonight Show. I mean, look at how happy he is?!

Daniel Rapping

And while Jimmy is an incredibly charismatic host and laughs at anything anyone says, watching him in the back ground is almost half as entertaining as listening to Daniel Radcliff rap. He’s dying back there! Fallon is blown away! You know he was skeptical at first. I don’t think I’ve seen him so wowed since Emma Stone lip synced Blues Traveler.

Daniel Radcliffe Rap
You can tell the exact moment Jimmy realizes this is TV history.

On that note, Horns is on my iTunes wishlist and I have every intention of watching it. Horns strikes me as a kind of Hemlock Grove-like movie (I could be completely wrong, this is based on the trailer alone), so I’m waiting for the right mood to strike.

Check out the Horns trailer here:

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