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Ian McKellen

Why Ian McKellen Would Shine as a Late Night Talk Host

Ian McKellen

While audiences are loving Seth Meyers’ Late Night, Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart might just give him a run for his money.

When we aren’t watching the latest X-Men movie, or The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug these days, we think of Sir Ian McKellen as a a staunch advocate for LGBTQ rights while we consider Patrick Stewart to be a crusader against domestic violence. It’s fitting, then, that two such superb actors and activists should also be Best Friends, right? It must have been an absolute honor for Seth Meyers when both men agreed to appear on his show to promote their ongoing Broadway shows, No Man’s Land and Waiting for Godot. As you might expect, the conversation quickly took a hilarious turn and the results are absolutely adorable.


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