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Dr. Jones, again we see there is nothing you can possess which I cannot take away.

Apparently that includes dignity, as talks for Indiana Jones 5 make their rounds. But maybe, just maybe, we can redeem our whip cracking professor-that came out wrong.


This can go one of two ways:

It can be of such awesome epic proportions that we’ll still be huddled in our theater seats wide-eyed and slack jawed long after our cinema worker buddies are nudging us out of the chairs with brooms as they sweep up popcorn and toss away drinks (take your trash, people).

Or it could wind up like this:

Indiana Jones 4

My heart is broken; Hollywood stepped on my wild exotic adventure dreams of an intelligent man and crushed it like a fire ant. They took what could have been a gracefully aging professor and done well by him, but no! Hollywood destroyed Professor Jones until all that’s left of him and his legacy is use as a butt of a joke on Community to indicate absolute failure. I just want to crawl into a refrigerator and cry about it.

So why the possible silver lining? Because of…well…Silver Linings Playbook. And American Hustle. And The A-Team and Hit and Run. Yeah, Bradley Cooper might possibly be the next Indiana Jones.

Bradley Cooper

It’s enough to make me peek through a crack in the refrigerator door.

In a James Bond style twist, there’s talk of completely rebooting the Indiana Jones franchise. Well, maybe reboot is a bad word. But maybe it’s not? The thought of taking something fantastical like Indy and putting a modern spin on it really wouldn’t suck so much. I mean, Daniel Craig will never be Sean Connery, but God forbid he be so! Comparing Connery and Craig is apples to oranges, those two James Bonds are hardly the same character–if Bradley Cooper could recreate Indy in such a manner that it wouldn’t even be fair to compare him to Harrison…I could get behind that.

There’s no need to get excited just yet–Bradley Cooper’s name has only been dropped as a potential actor. He hasn’t signed anything, there’s no script, it’s all Hollywood hype at the moment. But let’s just add a little spice to this soup: Frank Darabont is the one who lit the burner. He wants to take Indiana Jones and run with it. In case the name doesn’t ring a bell for you–I didn’t recognize it either–he’s a 3 time Oscar nominated writer, and his most recognizable work would be The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and The Walking Dead. He also wrote for several video productions of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, so at least someone who has a strong devotion to character development would be on the project.

Let’s just say, from one diehard Indy fan, I’m willing to give this a shot! I just really hope Cooper doesn’t bring a knife to a gun fight. And I really hope Darabont makes Indy relevant to the storyline.

If you’ll excuse me, I have a fridge to crawl into.

Or tire stack.


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