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Let’s Talk About the Menage Ensabre

We’ve established the Stephen Colbert is a fanboy, but he’s not only that, but he’s the fandom’s greatest defender.

Steven Colbert has proven himself quite the conservative, except when it comes to fandoms. He’s really into LOTR and now we’ve been exposed to his lighter side with this Star Wars clip from a recent show.

We have to say, we’re glad he spoke out about the lightsaber. This writer has personally tried not to dissect the teaser too much. I’ve discovered the less I know about a movie, the more I enjoy it in theaters. Case in point, Interstellar. Also case in point, Mockingjay. I didn’t know what to expect, absolutely loved it. I did know what to expect, and was a little upset by the script.

Back to the Steven Colbert segment: he really helps bring about what this new breed of light saber does. I can’t personally back any statements up with fandom knowledge, as a girl I kept my Star Wars reading light in during my class room days (kids can be cruel, but damnit, I will always love Star Wars), so one of our other contributing writers will have to speak up on the technology following Episode 6 because he was homeschooled and faces no shame reading Star Wars when he had ample time, but Stephen Colbert’s analysis totally checks out with me.


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