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What It’s Like to Live Spoiler-Free Post “Game of Thrones”

In a world of shocked Social Media Enthusiasts determined to ruin it for you.

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Last night marked the grand finale of the fourth season of “Game of Thrones” and, according to the World Wide Web, it was a shocker. As for this writer? Well, I’m comfortable assuming it was chock full of those classic George R.R. Martin induced “WTF Moments.” But I can’t technically say that I know with any certainty. Because I haven’t seen that last four episodes of the season. Because  reasons.

SpoilersBut when I do catch up, I want to be just as surprised as any viewer would be watching the episodes when they immediately air. Am I asking for a lot here? Yeah, I can admit that I probably am. As a self-proclaimed tumblr addict and social media enthusiast, staying blissfully unaware of what tragedy befell my favorite characters in Westeros is as easy as, well, climbing that 700 foot Wall.

For the record, I have read the books. When reactions broke about Oberyn Martell’s death? Psh, that’s old news. GRRM wrote that action sequence ages ago. So you might wonder why I’m suddenly so apt to avoid spoilers for “The Children.” Because last night I saw a friend on Facebook post, “Why do I even bother reading the books? #GameOfThrones”. That’s when you know that DB Weiss and David Benioff have taken a major diversion with their Emmy Nominated season finale.

When you want to live spoiler free, there are some immediate precautions you want to take. Tumblr Addict? Set up “Tumblr Savior” on google chrome or firefox — this enables you to list the tags you don’t want to see and voila! Once again, your dashboard is the safe haven it’s meant to be.

  • Until Someone Forgets to Tag the Spoilers. Or use tags period.

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  • Until Entertainment Weekly posts an article declaring “No (SPOILER) and Why That’s a Good Thing”

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  • Until that obnoxious Facebook friend posts, “WHAT?? WHY IS (SPOILER) DEAD? This did NOT happen in the books!”

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This is what it means to live spoiler-free: Find a rock. Make yourself at home. Prepare to live there until the shock has worn off OR you can get your hands on however many episodes you’ve missed.

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Best of luck.

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