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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan: On the Road to Recovery

Lindsay Lohan

The former child actress has been pretty erratic in recent years. Now with Oprah behind her and a docu-series on the way, is she finally set to make her big comeback?

I feel that it’s pretty safe to say, the biggest reason anyone feels invested in Lohan is because of her role in Tina Fey’s cult classic, Mean Girls (2004)Who didn’t love the ingenue turned preppy  pretty (mean) girl, Cady Heron? But while the film served to launch Rachel McAdams career, it seemed to mark some kind of downward spiral for Lohan. Sure, she starred in movies after that: she tried the kids film thing  (Herbie Fully Loaded, 2005), then the independent drama (Prarie Home Companion, 2006) and the emotional family-comes-together genre (Georgia Rule, 2007) but none of them did nearly so well as Mean Girls.

Why? Audiences loved Lohan when she was scheming with herself to get her parents back together in The Parent Trap. She was hilarious opposite Jaime Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday. It’s not as if the girl can’t act, so why did so many of her movies (post 2004) seem to fizzle and flop? Maybe it’s because the more TMZ kept reporting her real life falling apart, the less anyone wanted to see her pretend to fall apart on screen? Or maybe, her later films failed simply because Lohan was picking the wrong scripts.  Even critics of the overwhelmingly terrible made-for-TV movie Liz and Dick (2012) admitted that, while the script was cheesy and the film was choppy, Lohan wasn’t the problem.

However, while Lindsay Lohan by no means managed to put in a performance she can claim to be proud of, there are some genuine moments where she shines beyond the paper-thin scripted material.
Andrew Chan

This is where Oprah steps in.

Winfrey’s network, OWN, is preparing to run a “docuseries” (yes, it’s really a reality show, but this is produced by Oprah, so it has to sound classy) called “Lindsay” which follows Lohan in the months after her return from rehab to New York City. The drama packed trailer cuts no corners. Lohan tells cameras early on that she realizes her former lifestyle can’t work for her anymore — this is her last chance at reclaiming her former success. Cut to her sobriety coach hesitating when asked whether or not Lohan is still sober, paparazzi hounding after the actress, an intense showdown with Michael Lohan and finally? Oprah comes in and tells Lindsay to cut the bulls**t,

“My truth is, I really want you to win. I really do. If that isn’t what you want…I will tell these guys to pack up and leave today.”

For this writer, Lohan’s self-destruction was hardly noteworthy. It’s far more inspiring to see someone’s journey towards recovery and self-acceptance and that’s why you’re reading this article. Everyone knows that there’s an absurd amount of pressure in Hollywood: be thin, be pretty, be a good role model, be fun. Is it any wonder stars like Lohan crack? Now, the odds seem stacked in her favor: Lohan has always had the looks and the talent to be an actress, she has Oprah on speed dial, oh — and she told Jimmy Fallon that Tina Fey is talking to Lorne Michaels about a Mean Girl Ten Year Reunion. If there’s ever going to be the opportune moment to make a big return, this is it.

Alright, and now for some much needed levity, check out this clip from Lohan’s appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (3/6)!


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