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marvel guardians

Marvel Could Ramp Up Their Production Any Day Now

marvel guardiansThe plot for the comic book movies seems to be unveiling faster than Marvel can keep up.

This is all speculation, of course. When movies want to keep a tight lid on things, they can. For instance, we’re not even going to get a preview of Guardians of the Galaxy at the Super Bowl. However, it’s possible that fans might start to figure out what’s going on if they do. After all, we don’t even get The Avengers: Age of Ultron until 2015, so if we figure out too much of the story, the fans might just do something desperate out of sheer anticipation. If we at Larkable could influence you? Please don’t do anything desperate.

Anyways, here’s the thought to where all these movies are leading: Benicio Del Toro joined the cast for Guardians of the Galaxy in June. He’s credited with being Taneleer Tivan, the Collector, who we all saw for a cameo appearance at the end of Thor 2. If you look at what’s conversed between the Collector and the Asgardians, you’ll see that Sif refers to Aether as one of the Infinity Stones. If you don’t follow the comic books and type ‘Infinity Stones Marvel’ into Google you’ll see:


So now we have an idea how Guardians of the Galaxy is going to come into play. The Collector is looking for the Infinity Stones, we know Thanos intends to rule the humans (therefore challenging them and in doing so court Death), so we can only assume from the lax vibe Guardians is expected to bring that the teams essentially finds and lose (or just hand over) the other Infinity Stones to the Collector. We’re assuming this will probably draw out over 2 Guardians movies, during which time the Avengers–and therefore Thor–will be busy dealing with Ultron in 2015.

This will all probably come together in around 2020 with the Infinity Gauntlet on the hand of Thanos, containing all control over the forces of the universe through the Stones. It should be the A Memory of Light of movies when it finally happens.


Are we right? It’s possible. In researching defining links for this post, it looks like that’s what the rest of the community assumes as well. So chop chop, Marvel, we need you to keep up with us.

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