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Game of Thrones

Math Teacher Keeps His Class in Order, One Game of Thrones Death at a Time

When pushed to the brink, one particular teacher found an ingenious and simple solution for keeping the classroom in order. They talk too much: he reveals the next Game of Thrones character to die.

On Dans Ton Chat, the french equivalent of Reddit,  one student detailed the genius method devised by his math teacher for keeping 100 students under control.

“My math teacher is a genius…Basically, the class was being really noisy and after several unsuccessful attempts to censure us, the teacher told us to shut up. He was fed up. He stopped and asked who had seen the show Game of Thrones, about 3/4 of us (or 70 people) raised their hands. He told us, ‘I suppose that you all have seen the show, and you’re well aware that I’ve read all the books. From now on, when you are too loud, I will write the name of the next death in the series on the board. I have enough [information] to last all year, and I can even describe each death in detail.”

Unfortunately, not everyone in the class believed the man would actually do it. And a few guys in the room started laughing.

game of thrones animated GIF

So then the teacher listed all of the characters who died in season 3, horrifying about 20 of the students who had yet to see the Red Wedding.


game of thrones animated GIF

game of thrones animated GIF

Accordng to the student, you could have heard a pin drop in the room for the rest of the period. To that teacher, all we can say is: Bravo.

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(image credit to Giphy, Tumblr)


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