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peter capaldi as Islington

Need More X-Files? Just Check Out Neverwhere

It might not be FBI agents chasing aliens, but it does have a young Peter Capaldi. I call that a fair trade.


Neil Gaiman, the creator of the incredible and underrated movie Stardust, wrote the screenplay for the BBC miniseries Neverwhere which some of the writers of Larkable watched recently.

As fans of both Stardust and the 90’s hit sci-fi show X-Files, Neverwhere was right up our alley.

If you can get through 10 minutes of the first episode, you’ll be hooked. Granted, it took about 3 tries, but once the line caught tight, the rest of the evening was forsaken. Neverwhere is a classic Gaiman tale about a larger-than-life woman, a nobody-boy, and eccentric friends all along the way. Seriously folks, it’s worth the evening lost in low-fi, early BBC television.

It’s very 90’s, that just simply can’t be helped. If you’ve memorized the Doctor Who episode of ‘The Doctor’s Wife’, you’ll recognize elements here and love it, because that’s just why we love Gaiman. And of course, you’ll see the acting of the newest doctor, Peter Capaldi, who I think we’re all trying to get more of an idea of before he gets face time as our beloved Timelord.

For a little taste of Neverwhere (and I’m sorry I can’t do it more justice), here is a clip from an episode out of the series:

Check it out, let us know what you think, and then listen to the audiobook with James McAvoy, Benedict Cumberbatch and Natalie Dormer to compare casts.

What? It’s a thing.

neverwhere audiobook cast

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