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The Man That Stops The Monsters

Peter Capaldi Makes The Doctor

Series 8 is officially wrapped and the fandom has chimed in: Peter Capaldi is the best Doctor of New Who. Maybe the best New Who is a little presumptuous. Depending on your source, the best New Who often times is given to David Tennant, and with good reason. All you have to do is watch Series 1-4 1/2 and you can see why. Russell T. Davies did an excellent job rebooting the series with Christopher Eccelston, but it can’t be denied that David Tennant brought…

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Moffat Is Already Making Us Cringe For Doctor Who

Does Steven Moffat go to bed grinning as he falls asleep, or is he afraid to blink? Not because of Angels, but because of Whovians? If you haven’t read Entertainment Weekly’s First Look article about the upcoming release of Doctor Who, take a moment to check it out, and then come back to us and let’s process these feelings. If you just read the article, that second-to-last sentence is probably resounding with you: Both the 50th-anniversary special and the Christmas episode left some fans a…

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Doctor Who Season 8

Doctor Who is Back August 23rd!

Our favorite Doctor is back for Doctor Who Series 8 with his new look and–from the looks of it–a new Tardis on Saturday August 23rd!

Who’s excited?! The first episode of the new Doctor Who Season 8 is titled ‘Deep Breath.’

What do you think of this new trailer? It’s looking like we can expect the pilot to involve some damage to the Tardis, a dark welcome to this new reincarnation, and a panicked Clara. BBC One announced on their Facebook page that Doctor Who is premiering August 23rd, and E!Online announced it will premier in the States on August 23rd at 8pm on BBC America.

Check out the image BBC released on their Facebook page:

Doctor Who Season 8

Rejoice, fellow Whovians, the time of the premier countdown is here!

Tennant bravo

Samuel Anderson

Samuel Anderson To Join Doctor Who Cast As Recurring Character Danny Pink

The Internet is all a-buzz about Samuel Anderson: the rising star has officially been announced as a recurring role for our favorite BBC show, Doctor Who! This writer hasn’t actually seen Samuel Anderson’s better known roles from Emmerdale, Casualty, or Totally Frank, but I certainly like the look of him. There is a Doctor Who air about him, and we’re looking forward to see what his recurring character, Danny Pink, will bring to the table. Doctor Who TV reveals Anderson’s character is another teacher at…

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Doctor Who series 8

New Retro logo for ‘Doctor Who’ Series 8?

Twitter user Ashley Woolston shared a behind the scenes perk for Whovians with the new Doctor Who Series 8 jackets Twitter user Ashley Woolston shared this pic of the cast and crews jackets for series 8. It looks like they’re taking a step back in the marketing direction, but retro is sort of cool, don’t you agree? And older look for an older doctor? Brendon Connelly wonders if this forecasts a change in the opening sequence, but as they just recently redid the opening sequence…

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Doctor Who Series 8 Companion

Um, Yes Please? Can We Make This Happen?

Clara doesn’t have to go anywhere, but it’s nice having an extra companion or two around. Cultbox offers up 5 suggestions for an additional leading man for a Doctor Who Series 8 Companion Today the UK website Cultbox posted ‘5 Actors We’d Like to Play A New Male Companion In Doctor Who.’ The list is pretty excellent. May Larkable cast a vote? We’d love to see Colin Morgan, who recently won Best Drama Performance at the NTA awards, return to the fandom. 5 Series of…

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