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The Struggle is Real

The older we get, the more we realize The Struggle Is Real: The moment you realize your childhood is over (Image Source) You question time-committed relationships (Image Source) This happens more than we like (Image Source) You’d think that day after day you would learn, but you don’t. (Image Source) You begin to suspect that certain “sweetheart” is actually just a moron (Image Source) Wanna go out? (Image Source) When Approaching Finals… (Image Source) The only struggle we were prepared for and it ended up…

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New Girl

Top Ten Most Relatable New Girl Gifs

1) When your crush doesn’t like you back. 2) When you realize they’ve split The Hunger Games: Mockingjay into TWO¬†movies. 3) When people “shock” you with old news. 4) When you’ve finally finished that big project right before the deadline. 5) When you wanna cut loose. Foot loose. 6) When you check the balance on your checking account. 7) When you go out with your friends. 8) When your friends ask you to help them move on your only day off. 9) When you’re having…

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